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Insulation Kit

If you are looking to increase the internal temperature of your log cabin then installing an insulation kit during construction can make a real difference and save on heating bills. This kit includes roof and floor insulation packs.

  • Proven to have Nil Condensation Risk - when installed correctly
  • Now supplied with the superb Celotex Foil back insulation board - as standard.
  • Improves the Thermal Insulation of your building, both in the roof and the floor
  • Easy to fit - no special skills or extra tools required.
  • Economical - half the price of other insulation systems and less than half the install time too!
  • Our special insulation kits employ a warm roof system, which means they are fitted on top of the cabin roof and not underneath. A much neater and effective system and also quick to install. You still see the lovely timber roof and joists inside your cabin with no loss of headroom within the cabin either.
  • Our kits allow the existing factory supplied fascia to be used, in most cases. (some corner buildings may require new fascia boards due to to the increased roof angles involved in fitting the roof kits)
  • We arrange delivery of the insulation kits at the same time as your cabin - when Bosanco arrange the onward delivery of your Lasita Maja log cabin order.